Decision to Love by Michelle Sutton (Book Review)

Hope loves her husband dearly and feels beyond blessed that their marriage has withstood the test of an extramarital affair, but when her only son shocks them with a revelation neither is prepared for, the family is yet, again thrown into turmoil.  As a Christian woman who recognizes fallacies in herself, Hope struggles to understand her role and purpose as the relationship between her son and husband deteriorates beyond repair. Meanwhile, Tony, the other half of the extramarital affair is facing crises of his own; a murdered ex-wife for which he is the prime suspect, a grown daughter he has never met, and a strong, unexpected desire to know the Lord.  

The pages of Decision to Love are filled with trials and tribulations that plague the human soul and challenge the reader to reflect on their own values and beliefs.  This is not a free spirited, or flippant read.  Murder, adultery, homosexuality, abortion, and sexual abuse all lie between the covers of Decision to Love.  In addition, these issues are discussed in accordance with the religious views of the characters and at times the beliefs the characters express about themselves and their own self worth in light of what they perceive to be sins may weigh heavily on a reader’s heart.  Michelle Sutton’s characters are well developed and at times it is a struggle to remember to separate their fictional lives and value systems from that of the author.  Regardless of where you stand on the issues of homosexuality and abortion within the church, this book is guaranteed to produce a guttural reaction.

Decision to Love is the third book in the Sacred Vows Series by Michelle Sutton. Those of you that have read the initial books will not be disappointed with Decision to Love and for those of you that have not read her previous titles, there is sufficient background provided on the characters throughout the book to enjoy the story as a standalone novel.

Reasons to Read:  This book tackles issues that are often difficult to discuss and it may comfort some to read about them in the safety of a book.  As a work of fiction, the book is fast-pasted and easy to read.  It is a well written novel that contains likable characters to which many of us can identify in some way.

Reasons to Pass:  If you have strong, well developed view points regarding how fictional characters within traditional Christian fictional novels should act and behave, this book may be particularly challenging for you to enjoy. The book contains characters that view abortion and homosexuality as sins against God.  This book also contains characters that do not share these views.

Category:  Edgy Christian Fiction (This book is more graphic and contains content not typically discussed in the Christian fictional genre).

Suggested Rating:  PG-13 This book contains content adult in nature such as intercourse before marriage, murder, adultery, abortion, and homosexuality.  The descriptions of these activities are not overly graphic in my opinion, but their presence may shock or disturb younger readers.  If you wish to share or recommend this novel to a young adult, I would read it first to form your own opinion regarding a potential rating.

The Sacred Vows Series including, “Decision to Love” are available for purchase in both paperback and eBook formats through and other book retailers.

Never Without Hope (Sacred Vows, #1), Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows, #2), and Decision to Love (Sacred Vows, #3).

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