Schools in Crisis (Frames by Barna Group) by Nicole Baker Fulgham (Book Review)

Schools in Crisis
They Need Your Help (Whether You Have Kids or Not)

Many thanks to the author and BookSneeze  for providing me a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description:

Millions of children are not fulfilling their God-given potential in many of our nation’s classrooms. Their potential and purpose is literally being left on the floor of classrooms in many low-income communities. What may God have called them to do? How will a substandard education possibly prohibit them from accomplishing that purpose? In what ways are Christians and churches accountable for that? How are we our brother and sister’s keeper with respect to a quality education?

Join Nicole Baker Fulgham, formerly on the national staff of Teach for America and the founder of The Expectations Project, as she explores what our role is in solving the nation’s crisis for public education. This Barna Frame explores a critical topic of our time – Schools in Crisis


The vast majority of Americans agree that something must be done to correct the downward spiral of the American public school system.  Christians and non-Christians alike are in agreement that changes must be made, but many are unsure if they should be the ones to initiate improvements.  Individuals without school aged children and those without children in public schools are the least likely to view improving schools as being within their scope of responsibility and capability.  Fulgam urges all Christians to not be phased by the secular categorization of public schooling and rise to the occasion to help save our schools; therefore positively impacting our children, society, and economy.

The book is full of interesting and insightful statistics portraying the current trends and thoughts of Americans.  The author calls the readers to action and provides tools to allow the reader to implement church lead change in the public school system.  Fulgam encourages those interested in helping the school via religious channels to approach the school without agenda (do not require religious affiliation or investment), approach the school with humility, and exceed expectations.  The author encourages readers to visit to learn more about utilizing church resources to improve public schools in the reader’s area.  The book is a compact read and can be completed quickly.  The author succeeds in inspiring the reader to want to initiate change, but the book would be more beneficial if it included specific examples of church led change within the public school system.

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