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Mini Myth Board Books are an adorable collection of stories for small children featuring popular mythical heroes and heroines.  We recieved two story books for review:  “Brush Your Hair, Medusa!” and “Make a Wish, Midas!”  Medusa and Midas must deal with real life baby and toddler problems.  Medusa with lots of curls and tangles in her hair has to face a hairbrush and a haircut.  Midas has to learn how to love things that aren’t yellow, such as his favorite stuffed alligator that turns clean and green in the wash.  The back inside cover of each book contains a synopsis of the myth surrounding the starring character.

mini myth books

My 16 month old loved the colorful pictures and the short, simple wording of the stories.  My 2.5 year old enjoyed the emotional conundrum Midas experienced with loving a green stuffed toy, when his favorite color was yellow.  Both enjoyed mommy reading to them and being able to easily turn the pages.  The inside cover back story on Midas and Medusa was especially interesting to my 2.5 year old and I’m thrilled to see her express an interest in learning more about mythology and literature.

Other mini myth books available for purchase include “Be Patient, Pandora!” and “Play Nice, Hercules!

Visit the author, Joan Holub for more  information on Mini Myth Board Books and other children’s selections.

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