Mini Myths Board Books


Mini Myth Board Books are an adorable collection of stories for small children featuring popular mythical heroes and heroines.  We recieved two story books for review:  "Brush Your Hair, Medusa!" and "Make a Wish, Midas!"  Medusa and Midas must deal with real life baby and toddler problems.  Medusa with lots of curls and tangles in her hair has to face a hairbrush and a … [Read more...]

Kids Academy App Review: Toddler Geared App For Reinforcing Letters, Numbers, & Shapes

kids academy logo

Kids Academy Company Preschool and Kindergarten Learning is available for download on iTunes here. The game provides electronic worksheets to trace numerals, shapes and letters.  Successful tracing allows the player to collect fireflies, which are set free when the jar is full.  It also has a section to identify objects which represent letters.  For example, the letter "B" has … [Read more...]